• DCI welcomes EthoStream to the family
  • EthoStream: Future-Proof Connectivity


    EthoStream provides cutting-edge technology, proactive system monitoring, and 24/7/365 in-house technical support--and will engineer a seamless browsing experience to produce quality network access for users. EthoStream has the ability to power mobile computing in any market, and can provide a complete family of wired, wireless, and custom-designed hybrid solutions to outfit diverse property types. From hospitality properties to university campuses, coffee shops to municipal buildings, the high-speed Internet access solutions EthoStream has developed are versatile enough to deploy in any venue. EthoStream offers customized gateway servers to provide solutions that are infinitely scalable and easily upgradable, giving all customers the benefit of future-proof connectivity.

    • March 28th, 2017:

      DCI Design Communications Acquires EthoStream
      DCI Design Communications, LLC announced today that it has acquired the assets and operations of EthoStream, LLC making it a market leader in voice and data services for the Hospitality industry.


The EthoStream Advantage

Only EthoStream offers the "Total Solution"

EthoStream offers a complete package of services required for quality wired and wireless high-speed Internet access. Dedicated employees conduct site surveys, install equipment, and provide service after installation with on-site and remote support. EthoStream employs a knowledgeable, well-trained staff of support technicians, so users can rely on an in-house team to provide rapid, friendly assistance for any issue.

Proactive 24/7 in-house support team

Thanks to the unique capabilities of the RMC, EthoStream support representatives have an active presence at each location and can easily assist users with any issues that may arise. Rather than working from a script-based support program, the support center anticipates user needs and quickly resolves issues.

Custom-designed Internet solutions

By developing products and services within the company instead of outsourcing, EthoStream ensures that customers receive only top-tier equipment. As engineers continue to improve product capabilities, technicians will remotely update product software on a monthly basis.

Properties have control over their HSIA

EthoStream has a unique product at the core of every Internet solution: the Remote Management Console (RMC). This web-based management platform interacts in real-time with a property's EthoStream server and integrates directly with the support center in Milwaukee. The RMC allows managers to make instant changes to the entire high-speed Internet system and access information to generate usage reports.

  • "EthoStream has provided an integrated solution for our guests' needs. Their remote assistance and monitoring capabilities are exactly what is required in the hospitality environment."Jeff Henschel - Marcus' Director of Hospitality Technology