• EthoStream

    As one of the most well-known solution providers in the hospitality industry, EthoStream can provide services to hospitality properties as well as educational, municipal, and commercial locations. Though our headquarters are in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, we're proud to say that hospitality properties across the country utilize our high-speed Internet access services.


About EthoStream

EthoStream, the high-speed Internet access subsidiary of Telkonet, Inc., is headquartered in Milwaukee, WI. Jason Tienor and Jeff Sobieski founded EthoStream in 2001, and since the very beginning, the company has worked to establish a reputation for providing innovative wired and wireless network solutions. EthoStream prides itself on offering the only complete high-speed Internet access solution, and currently provides high-speed Internet access solutions, installation, and support to more than 2,350 properties hosting over 5 million network users per month. EthoStream strives for users to have a seamless browsing experience, and the in-house 24/7 customer support center offers both proactive system maintenance and effective troubleshooting.

We pride ourselves on being "The Total Solution"

EthoStream provides products, installation, technical support, and system maintenance to ensure that customers receive quality service from beginning to end. Because EthoStream understands how individual each property is, engineers custom-design solutions to fulfill specific needs. EthoStream offers wireless, wired, and hybrid Internet solutions, allowing hotel guests to access the Internet easily from conference facilities or in the comfort of their own room.

Meet the Team

The leadership team that stands behind EthoStream not only created and engineered this high-speed Internet access solution, they will continue to innovate and enhance the EthoStream experience.

  • Jason Tienor
    CEO, Telkonet, Inc.


    Jason has grown EthoStream from a startup in the HSIA for Hospitality field to one of the fastest growing vendors in the market. EthoStream's technologies combined with its industry-leading service have grown an extremely loyal customer base. Mr. Tienor continues to expand EthoStream's product offering as well as develop relationships with both customers and vendors.

  • Jeff Sobieski
    CTO, Telkonet, Inc.


    Jeff has worked extensively with hospitality professionals to determine the path of technology within the hospitality field. Working with EthoStream's engineers, Mr. Sobieski continues to integrate value-added services into EthoStream's current Remote Management Console as well as continuously engineer EthoStream's existing solutions.

  • Matt Koch
    COO, Telkonet, Inc.


    Matt has spent considerable time developing solutions for EthoStream as a systems engineer. Now, as the COO, Mr. Koch has retained his specialized understanding of high-speed Internet access systems. He strives to ensure the maintenance of EthoStream's rapid growth and commitment to quality.