• EthoStream Customer Support

    Because EthoStream custom-designs and develops high-speed Internet access products and solutions for each
    customer, who better to answer questions than the EthoStream 24/7/365 in-house support center?


EthoStream 24/7 Support

Toll-Free: +1 877.282.2519
Milwaukee: +1 414.223.0473
Fax: +1 414.258.8307
e-mail: support@ethostream.com

The Proactive Approach

The EthoStream approach to support focuses on proactive service and eliminating user complaints. EthoStream doesn't just react to problems that users have already discovered. Support representatives take a proactive approach by monitoring the network status and initiating necessary repair solutions so customers can enjoy an uninterrupted high-speed Internet experience.


EthoStream Real-Time Stats

Should a problem occur, the three-tiered EthoStream support system will get to the heart of the matter quickly and efficiently. Support representatives can easily assist users with issues that may arise because they actively monitor each location. By integrating the EthoStream Gateway Server and the Remote Management Console, our dedicated support team has real-time visibility into a property's high-speed Internet usage and the ISP status. When a user calls into the support center, technical support can view the guest's Internet usage and will already know if the user is online, how long they have been using the system, and when their session will end. Instead of working from a script-based support program, EthoStream support agents can anticipate the needs of users and quickly resolve issues.

EthoStream invites customers to provide feedback and comments about the support
experience to feedback@ethostream.com. Receiving and acting on feedback is an essential part of ensuring customer satisfaction.

  • "EthoStream has provided an integrated solution for our guests' needs. Their remote assistance and monitoring capabilities are exactly what is required in the hospitality environment."Jeff Henschel - Marcus' Director of Hospitality Technology